• Simple Cotton Scarves

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This scarf is discounted because of a higher than normal customer returns on this product
This soft square scarf is easy-tying, easy-washing, stays in place well, and is extremely comfortable to wear. Supple, 100% polished cotton has a beautiful light sheen and will outlast much of your collection. This basic Tznius essential is the backbone of the modest woman's wardrobe - easy to match and everyday perfect. Approx. 1x1 Meter Square. Please note, this scarf often has imperfect edges. Available in 18 colors! Also note that our scarves may be a bit 'brittle' at first. You may want to gently hand wash it before the first use.

From left to right, colors on the top row are: Coffee, Carnelian, Cafe au Lait, Olive, Butter, Vanilla, Orange Sherbet, Canary, and Hunter Green. Colors on the bottom row are: Cranberry, Amethyst, Lilac, Raspberry, Slate, Cornflower Blue, Royal Blue, and Navy Blue. The color ruby is beautiful but not shown. It is simular to Cranberry, just a bit lighter.

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Simple Cotton Scarves

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