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Classic by Le Mon

Classic by Le Mon

Selected Customer Reviews...
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Reviewer: Rivkah-Chana from Florida on 2012-09-29
"Ok so this is a one of a kind. Buy it buy it buy it!!! I have to say do not it if you are fatter than other women because it can be tight and revealing."

Reviewer: chanale from Miami on 2010-05-14
"This skirt is wonderful! When i saw it i wondered if it would be too tight/ flattering, but i have it on now, and i must say, it somehow has some shape, yet is also not too figure hugging at the same time. A true rarity. When women ask me where i got it from i tell them, they say it must be a nais!"

Reviewer: Michla from Iowa on 2010-04-04
"Just fantastic!! It's slim lined and flattering without being fitted to the point of immodest. immaculate balance, perfect skirt. "

Reviewer: Chanale from Ontario on 2010-03-29
"Wow, I was blown away by this fabulous skirt. It clearly stands out as the skirt that you won't feel like a "shloch" wearing. It has style and its fitted, I know how hard it is to find skirts that flatter your figure and fit the criteria for what is considered tznius. I am a baal teshuvah, and back in the day, I was a runway model. Out of all the trying yet beautiful tenets of religious Jewish life, dressing Tznius was definately the hardest. When faced with the decision in the morning, to slip into that silk Burberry dress from my heydays, or that long shapeless black skirt, the choice is a hard one. So this skirt I am relieved to say, will make that choice that much easier. "

This item is soldout.
$ 44
A sleekly fitted pencil skirt is fashioned from a substantial ponte knit, making it a classic and versatile addition to any closet. Wide banded waist and arch detail effortlessly polishes any look. 96% Polyester, 6% Spandex. Available in Blackrn

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This item is soldout.
Delivery:4-9 business days within USA

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