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Snoods > Hair Snood

Tight Hair Snood

Tight Hair Snood

Selected Customer Reviews...
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Reviewer: JC from Pennsylvania on 2009-06-02
"A friend gave me one of these and I had intended to purchase several more. The one concern is that they are such a tight fit! Both the fit and the pressure it puts on the earpiece of my glasses give me a terrible headache. If you could please offer a larger size, that would be wonderful! I like them as a base garment for my other coverings."

Reviewer: Michelle from Texas on 2009-05-11
"I ordered the strawberry and banana. I too thought the strawberry would be pink for some reason. Im glad it is red. I would like to order more. They fit very well and are comfortable. Id like to know when you are going to get more of everything in. I want to make another order but you havent restocked anything. I hope you restock SOON. I love your products!"

Reviewer: Anonymous from Colorado on 2009-05-07
"These are great. i ordered the two available colors left, banana and strawberry. Just know that when it comes, the strawberry is actually red. :)"

Reviewer: A from Australia on 2009-01-28
"Excellent value and very comfy. Didnt find them too tight at all. I got them as underscarves and they are great for dressing up a plain scarf. "

Reviewer: Kirsten from Philadelphia PA usa on 2008-09-04
"while certainly not pretty like a net snood or a scarf, they make an excellent "foundation garment" for some of the more decorative scarves. Quite literally thinking of them as a sort of undergarment for the fancy scarves made all the difference in how to wear them! They are also extremely useful as a sleeping cap."

Reviewer: Anita Ann from Hemet, Ca USA on 2008-05-22
"I ordered two of these. One for a friend. I have a large flat head and they are so snug! I will be ordering more."

Reviewer: Rosy from Denver, CO USA on 2008-05-13
"I bought snoods in every available color for my friend who has been diagnosed with cancer. She absolutely loves them! She can wear scarves and they won't slip off her head. Also, many, many thanks for the scarf tying instructions."

Reviewer: Allison T. from Duval County, FL on 2008-04-04
"With my head having no hair due to religious observance, I find these tight hair snoods to do very well as covering. To some, doing my hair in that manner is more extreme but it is beneficial to me so not to be concerned with vanity. Covering my head means more to me. The snoods are so easy as they do not slip off. It is nice how I do not have to tie anything...and can even sleep with them on without worry of it slipping off. Even during the day, I found the tie-type scarves sometimes difficult as they can ride up. These snoods are fabulous. I would LOVE to see more colours..."

Reviewer: Allison T. from Duval County, FL on 2008-01-30
"With my super-short hair, these Tight Hair Snoods are a lifesaver as I had trouble with my hair sticking out of scarves as it stands up. I can also use the darker snood for a covering when I am swimming during my mom's visit to Florida in April. I had used a regular bandanna when my husband and I were in Las Vegas last year for his conference but it got heavy when I was in the water. "

Reviewer: suzi from north on 2007-12-02
"The ladies at headcovering@yahoogroups all love this site so I thought I would visit this site and you a some great things for a woman who cover their heads in obedience of our Lord you make these things available and affordable too. Thank you I m ordering mine now suzi north from Oklahoma"

Reviewer: Karalyn from Pennsylvania on 2007-06-22
"The fit is nice and snug, and contrary to what Krisztina says, it's comfortable even with my glasses on!"

Reviewer: Brooke from fl on 2007-06-22
"this snood is much tighter than I thought, and also sits awkwardly on my head. I had ordered it so that should my tichel slide off, the snood would still cover my hair, but it also slides back just as much, of not more than the scarf. "

Reviewer: Krisztina from Bronx on 2007-01-01
"I didn't know it would be that tight a snood. It would be worthwhile to have a model or a mannequin wearing it in the pictures. The only problem I have is that the hair near my right ear sticks out a little, and that it is hard for me to wear, since I wear glasses and the part of the glasses I have to wear on my ears make the snood a little more uncomfortable."

Reviewer: Melanie from Auburn Hills, MI / USA on 2006-10-15
"I'm glad to see these back at! "

Reviewer: Melanie from Auburn Hills, /MI/USA on 2006-10-15

Reviewer: Naomi from Teaneck, NJ
"I just got my snood today and it's perfect. I crochet snoods and they have an open pattern. This is the perfect solution to wearing my creations and not having my hair show out. I'm glad a product like this exists."


Reviewer: chaya from London
"this an excellent idea, it stops your hair from peeping out, and keeps the scarf on!"

This item is soldout.
$ 4.95
A tight hair snood for wearing underneath scarves, hats and other head coverings. Keeps scarves from falling off and protects headscarves from dirt and oils in hair. Cotton/poly fabric. Soft and comfortable. Available in nine colors!

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Available colors below:
This item is soldout.
Delivery:4-9 business days within USA

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