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Women > Skirts

Long Velvet Drop-yoke Skirt

Long Velvet Drop-yoke Skirt

Selected Customer Reviews...
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Reviewer: Rivkahle from USA on 2012-09-30
"Velvety smooth!! reminds me of Chanukka!!"

Reviewer: Rochel from Perth on 2012-09-29
"This skirt is so soft!!!!! All my friends who are not tznius always ask me how i manage to dress so cool!!!! They can't understand how I do it. I just tell them: TNIUS.COM. Actually, one of my baal teshiva friends, one of her reasons for starting to dress modest was the fact that I always had these great skirts and so finally, she had a look at, and she was ummmm very impressed to ay the least . Goodness me, this is greatness! SUCH a kidush hashem!!"

Reviewer: Kim from Corsicana, TX, USA on 2012-01-24
"Thank you for this lovely skirt! It is very comfortable and well worth the price!"

Reviewer: Nina from (USA/Detroit) on 2011-03-29
"I bought this skirt absolutely ageees ago! i cannot believe it has only one review! So, i'm going to add my own, it deserves more than one. This is a stunning peice, a great fit, and easy on the eyes. Im still in the process of finding my basherta, and a little secret; i wear this on all my outings with potential husbands. They always say something about my great velevty skirt.It is so soft to touch, and i have recommnded it to all my friends from sem. Thankyou once again, "

Reviewer: Debra Ruth from Anahiem ,Ca on 2008-12-02
"I love this modest skirt it is confortable and very easy to maintain"

This item is soldout.
$ 49.95
Luxurious, soft and long. This bread-and-butter skirt is ankle length and will go with any elegant top. Now on sale at a bargain price. Matches perfectly our triangular velvet scarf. Available only in black. While quantities last.

See a detailed view of this skirt on our cotton version below:

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Available colors below:
This item is soldout.
Delivery:4-9 business days within USA

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