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Women > Casual Tops

3/4 Polo Shirts

3/4 Polo Shirts

Selected Customer Reviews...
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Reviewer: Gina from CT/USA on 2009-03-27
"I just ordered these shirts barely 3 days ago, and they already arrived. The fit is perfect, true to description (ordered medium, tag says "large", fit is slightly roomy medium). The fabric weight is perfect for spring and summer, the colors are pretty, and the length is good for tucking in or leaving out. They button up perfectly tznius and still look stylish. I will be wearing them with everything!"

Reviewer: Gina from CT/USA on 2009-03-24
"Great price! I ordered some today and can't wait to receive them. Thanks for making modest, chic, & affordable clothing available."

Reviewer: Kaquoli from Cd'A, Idaho, USA on 2008-04-28
"Wow, I love it! It looks very comphortable, now if it comes in light pastal colors perfict! I can not wait for payday so I can order a couple! Thank you, I do love this shirt! Miss Kaquoli Meli Reno"

Reviewer: Rebecca Steiner from Ipswich England on 2008-01-25
" large sizes in these brill looking polo shirts. What a shame for us 'larger' chested ladies."

Reviewer: Tikvah from New Zealand on 2007-03-31
"I simply adore these cute, comfortable shirts! I would suggest to anyone buying them that they should order more colors because they are extremely useful. My cousin in America sent me these, and I cannot wait to see what other items there are on this wondeful website! Thank you so much! "

Reviewer: chana-sora from west melbourne/florida/usa on 2007-03-31
"This top is great and i dont worry whether my elbows are showing or not, i have recently learnt an inspiring sicha on tznius that i thought i had to share with you but it is too long so i will write just a very little bit of it: kimchis had seven sons all of whom merited to serve as kohanim gedolim, the sages asked her, "what have you done to merit this?" she answered tehm the rafters of my house have never seen the plaits of my hair!""

Reviewer: Nechama from England on 2007-03-31
"These shirts are beautiful and very tznius. Everything is perfect- from the 3/4 sleeves to the wondeful feel of the cotton! I love this top and I wish it would come in more colours."

$ 23.95

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Sporty, feminine, and modest! Our 3/4 sleeve Polo shirts are the shirt we have spent years wishing we'd had. 100% cotton, extremely comfortable and easy to move in, these are the modest version of the classic polo shirt typically available only in short sleeves. This shirt has a traditional 'polo shirt' collar, two buttons, and a modest neckline. Delightful to wear and easy to wash, this shirt may not be restocked when sold out! Our model is wearing a size large.

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Available colors below:
       Color         Quan  
light blue - S
navy - S
butter - S
butter - M
white - S

Delivery:4-9 business days within USA

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