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Women > Casual Tops

3/4 Sleeve shirts with 5% Spandex

3/4 Sleeve shirts with 5% Spandex

Selected Customer Reviews...
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Reviewer: Susan from Seattle, WA, USA on 2009-12-07
"I ordered three of these shirts. For the most part they are nice. My only complaint is that the sleeves could be 1-2 inches longer as they have a tendency to pull up above my elbow during normal activities."

Reviewer: Hannah from Paris (France) on 2008-08-18
"As I wish to order some more of your shirts selection b"e"Hashem, ma question is : are you going to re stock them in XL size any sooner ? "

Reviewer: Keren from Gateshead, England on 2008-07-07
"I was looking for a well fitted top to go underneath a dress, and after reading the reviews of this product, I thought I'd order my regular size (M) and get what i wanted. The tops I received are not snug at all and I would (and will)wear them on their own. It turns out that the top looks fnie under the dress, but if the postage weren't so much (I live in England) I would send them back and reorder the smaller size. Nevertheless, I'm still happy to have these tops, they are nice material, and perfectly tznius!"

Reviewer: Hannah from Paris (France) on 2008-05-25
"Is it possible to re fill the stock with larger size XL or XXL ? I already have three of these (L)but with summer coming,I'd like to wear them more loose.Kol tuv !"

Reviewer: Hannah from Paris on 2007-09-15
"I finally decided to try them as it is so hard to find kosher 'necklined'tops. These (I bought 3)shirts are simply great! Comfortable,soft fabric,it is exactly what I was looking for.Thank you Hashem,I found it!"

Reviewer: chana-sora from florida/usa on 2007-04-01
"I love the buy 2 get one free deal. It is at such a good price to, even without the deal! and the material is so soft and light,love it!"

Reviewer: chana-sora from florida/usa on 2007-03-31
"I love the buy 2 get one free deal. It is at such a good price to, even without the deal! and the material is so soft and light,love it!"

Reviewer: Rishi from Australia on 2007-03-31
"I ordered the banana colored of these tops and I must say that I am extremely satisfied with it. It will go nicely with most necklaces I have, and it is great for casual wear."

Reviewer: chana-sora from miami/florida/usa on 2007-03-31
"I love this top its great for all ocasions and easily washed. My only complaint is i bought the white one and will be sending it back soon, it is not really white, its more like bluish white, not too good becouse it is an awkward colour not white yet not blue but the pink one that i got is perfect."

Reviewer: Anonymous from usa on 2007-03-31
"this top is so perfect for all my needs, whether im out and about or just lounging around at home. My husband got it for me and its so great for my business functions that are held at my house what i wear it with is a black bubble skirt with pink sequins through it and black tight boots and a black and pink big beaded necklace and a pik ribbon in my hair, well thats the fancy outfit but i also wear it for casual like with a denim skirt some plain jewelery and some slip on shoes."

Reviewer: Rivki from Missouri on 2007-03-31
"These tops are light and very comfortable, they are a great summer shirt. They go great with a denim skirt, or even a plain black or white one, I have even worn these tops for shabbos with a nice skirt."

Reviewer: Elizabeth from Newton, MA on 2007-03-29
"I typically wear a medium and ordered large and the size was fine but very long. The white has a bluish tinge. This is a great classic piece. I wish there were more dark jewel colors offered. "

Reviewer: Anonymous from Portland/OR/USA on 2007-03-08
"I loved the old 3/4 sleeve shirts that carried, but was very disappointed by these and am sending them back. The fit is too snug and the red is bright red rather than maroon. I am sad that the old shirts which were much better are no longer being offered. Bring them back!!"

Reviewer: Trina from Vass, NC on 2006-12-11
"The fabric is great and the neckline perfect, but this is deffinately a layering piece. It is rather snug (even though I ordered a size larger than I usualy wear) and is rather sheer--atleast in pink. "

Reviewer: Jennifer from Texas, USA on 2006-10-23
"I bought four of these shirts in cream, pink, lavendar and navy. I thought they were good quality, liked them and will probably buy more. However, I do disagree with them not being see through, except in the navy. You could definitely see undergarments through the cream and a little through the pink. The large fits me without being too tight or loose, when normally I wear a small."

$ 21.95
Easy wear and easy wash, these terrific shirts have a modest neckline and 3/4 sleeves that cover the elbow. High quality and comfortable, this shirt is a perfect staple in any modest woman's wardrobe. Fitted arms and bodice make this shirt great for wear under a vest, jacket, jumper or that favorite shirt in your closet that you can't wear because of the immodest sleeve length & neckline. Also perfect for wearing underneath dresses with deep V-neck collars. Our model is wearing the size extra large. 95% Cotton/5% Spandex(elastane). Ladies, please note that these shirts are snug and are meant to be worn underneath a jumper, vest or immodest shirt and not by themselves. These shirts are too snug to be worn by themselves which is why they are discounted and offered at our buy-2-get-1-free sale.

Please note that the tag attached to the shirt will be one size larger than the size you are ordering. So if you order a small, the tag on the shirt will say medium.

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Available colors below:
       Color         Quan  
scarlet - preteen(XS)
scarlet - S
navy - preteen(XS)
white - preteen(XS)

Delivery:4-9 business days within USA

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