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Women > Casual Skirts

Bungee Skirt

Bungee Skirt

Selected Customer Reviews...
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Reviewer: Nicole from usa on 2009-04-27
"Just arrived! I usually don't leave reviews, but this has to be the most comfortable skirt ever. The light beige looks better than I thought it would.. but I will probably still dye one. It is really light and airy. I only have good things to say."

Reviewer: Basha from Missouri USA
"I love this skirt. I can say it is very handy to ware. I use the pocket to put my cell phone and money in while I shop. I feel at ease while I ware this skirt. And get lots of complements on it. I am always asked where I got it. Thank you for having it available to us. PLEASE get more colors for us. Thank You Bashaathalla "

Reviewer: kellie from Wasilla, AK on 2008-07-18
"Light beige should be called "powder beige." I did not like the colour at all! Way too light and I have seven young children who are known for running into me with gooey fingers and-- I need a colour! I spent $4 on some Rit dye and it dyed beautifully to a bright blue! You really can run in this skirt and I just wish there was a bigger selection of colours! I may order more and just go crazy with the Rit!"

Reviewer: Naomi from England on 2007-04-01
"This skirt is a fantastic addition to my wardrobe, and I think that it would look amazing in white. I have the khaki coloured one at the moment, and I am a little wary of buying the velvet one. I think that the best feature of this skirt is the natural, comfortable feel to it. My only complaint is that the pocket is in a peculiar spot, but this does not take away from the stle of the skirt."

Reviewer: Sarah from Denver, CO on 2007-04-01
"I really love this skirt. It is stylish and modern. The fabric is of excellent quality, but I found that the skirt looks a little different to advertised. This doesn't really matter though because it is still a stunnning skirt."

Reviewer: chana-sora from florida/usa on 2007-04-01
"i relish this skirt, it is not at all plain and i dont know how anyone one could disgree. It is such a peculiar and interesting style and i have desired it for a long time pior to my buying it, it is at a great price and i do belive i will buy more very soon. "

Reviewer: chaya sora from melbourne/florida/usa on 2006-11-23
"this skirt is so fashionable some of my freinds always are saying to me isnt it hard being reljios and i just say well no becouse there are actaully some realy nice skirts if you go to and now i proved it with the bungee skirt i mean its fahionable and comfortable and i have got so many compliments 1 year ago i went to australia on shloochos and saw a some bochrim they came up to me and we talked after a while they told me how that the place where i was happened to be quit a jewish street i think it was carlirle street after i went on a tram for the first time in my life and got lost so i asked a lady where i was and she said somthing like notrh coulfeild (i was in melbourne) and we started talking she said that she wanted to become frum so i told her that, that was great and that i knew some one in australia who converted people then she said that she had treid to become frum before but found the long skits so not fashionable so i told her now we are still in touch and she is the one that recomended this skirt becouse she recently moved to america and she is loving being frum. "

Reviewer: Sunshine from Kansas City Missouri
"When I first saw this skirt I was excited because it was very stylish. I looked like I could relax but also feel I could go anywhere and not be underdressed. It is wonderful the feel of it when you put it on. It is so comfortable and looks great on me. I was very pleased when my husband said he liked it and I didnít look like everyone else. I looked special like I was intending to have a great day, being ready for the day. If there are any other colors coming I will order when available! Thank you so much for such a great feel and look."

Reviewer: Stephanie from Colorado Springs on 2006-11-07
"When I first saw this skirt advertised I was a little skeptical because it was very diffrent looking. But I decided to go ahead and order it and try it out. It is amazing! It is so comfortable and lookes really good on me! I was very pleased and I intend to order the other color they have avalible! Thanks a lot Tznius!"

This item is soldout.
$ 29.95
A fitted skirt you can run in! The Bungee Skirt earns its name from a lightweight elastic cord around the hem, giving an otherwise roomy skirt a fitted look and feel that's not at all restrictive. Lightweight 100% cotton material is exceptionally comfortable. Elastic-trimmed pocket and side drawstring allows you to cinch the skirt up to just below knee level for even greater mobility and style (not necessary to run!). A current favorite in Israel, this is a skirt you won't know how you lived without!

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Available colors below:
This item is soldout.
Delivery:4-9 business days within USA

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