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Head Scarves > Square

Floral silver threaded

Floral silver threaded

Selected Customer Reviews...
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Reviewer: Vanitey from Huntsville, Al 35810 on 2011-01-09
"Thank you so much! The scarves are beautiful. I will definitely order again! The scarves are wonderful in quality, and the scarves are lightweight for the Summer. I am new to wearing scarves, and I was worried about being super hot in the Summer. "

Reviewer: Sarah from Midland TX USA on 2010-06-20
"These are wonderful scarves! Very elegant and perfectly lightweight for warm weather. The light floral pattern is very feminine, and the buy two get one free is an excellent deal! I purchased four scarves altogether and I am very pleased with them. Thank you Tznius! "

Reviewer: Amy from Forney, TX USA on 2008-07-09
"These are the best head coverings ever; my favorite. I love how thin they are but can take abuse, how they are great for putting over another head covering, and how they contain silver threads that make them look very elegant. "

Reviewer: Stefanie from Minesota, USA on 2008-06-10
"These were much thinner than I thought they would be but seem to hold up well to the abuse of having to tie them over and over. Also the ones I received had fringe on them, which you can't see in the picture, that I don't really care for. That's why it lost a star but if the fringe was not been present I would give it a 5. The colors are beautiful. I would recommend them for first timers as they are easy to get the hang of. "

Reviewer: Aviva from Houston Texas, USA on 2008-05-10
"I was very happy with my purchace,, The same day I went back and bought 3 more for my sister! Oh yeah,, shipping was fast!!"

Reviewer: Anita Ann from Hemet, Ca on 2008-04-27
"I received these just before the weekend. One for a friend of mine. These will be perfect for the warmer weather."

Reviewer: Pastor Linda from Farmerville, LA USA
"These scarves are beautiful,light and so comfortable. The color with silver threads only add to the elegance of the scarf. I really enjoy the longer length of this scarf for my covering."

Reviewer: Signe from boston ma
"I absolutely love this scarf and plan to order more! They are thin, airy and easy to use, the size is nice and the feel is lovely. Wash this one by itself, the colors do bleed when gently washed."

Reviewer: Kat from Michigan/United States on 2008-01-06
"I have one of these scarves that I actually bought at a little store in Costa Rica slightly before Tznius started carrying them. I'd recommend them for anyone who wants a lightweight, pretty scarf. The pattern is subtle for those who prefer more simple scarves but also don't want to wear something completely plain, and the pattern and silver threads make it dressy enough for church or synagogue. I find the weight is not see-through but is perfect for the classic tie with the tails wrapped up over the head, without it looking too bulky. I've never had an issue with fragility, but I always wash my scarves by hand anyway. I don't handle it any more gently than any of my other scarves, though, and it has held up great in the two and a half years that I've had it."

Reviewer: Liz from New Jersey on 2007-11-11
"I wash these individually in a little mesh bag in the wash machine with like colors and drip dry, and they come out beautifully. I think they are very durable. The colors are great, and the price is right. "

Reviewer: Lacynda from Evansville, IN on 2007-10-14
"I ordered these scarves b/c I'm a missionary in Mexico, and needed some scarves that were lightweight but still served my needs. Also, I make my own dresses, but I enjoy variety in color, and these scarves are all very beautiful, with tranquil colors that are enhanced by the silver threads. Some words of advice: Contrary to other scarves from, I do not recommend that these scarves be washed in the washing machine, or even with other clotches in handwashing. Wash individually, very carefully, and don't use a scrubber or a washboard. The freyed edges can get tangled, and loosen the silver threads. Definitely NEVER put in a dryer - I learned the hard way that the silver threads shrink and even wither in the extreme heat. Some down-points of this scarf is that it's VERY fragile. Do not tie knots too tight, because you'll break the silver threads, and then the entire scarf falls apart. All in all, I LOVE these scarfs. Once I learned their limits and how to handle them, wash them, and wear them, I've never had any more problems, and though I've had several others (angel-white silver-threaded scarf, plain color scarf), I like this one the best!"

Reviewer: Amy from FL on 2007-10-13
"These scarves are very pretty. I will say, though, that when I rinsed them out for the first time, they have a TON of excess dye. Be careful to rinse them individually, as I had to rinse them and wring them out multiple times before the water was coming out sort of clear."

Reviewer: Corrin from Norfolk, VA on 2007-08-25
"I ordered 3 of these and love them! I'm wearing one right now. They are a great weight and are very pretty."

Reviewer: Barbie from Santa Barbara, CA on 2007-07-12
"I was really surprised at how thin these scarves were, but when doubled they cover my hair PERFECTLY. They are gorgeous, with a little floral print behind the silver threads. The colors are deep and beautiful and they stay on ALL day! I love them. My only complaint is that they are made in India and I was under the impression they were made in Israel. For the price, you cannot get a better scarf! Beautiful and easy, even for first timers."

Reviewer: Laurie from Norfolk, Virginia on 2007-02-19
"The photos of these beautiful scarves don't do them justice. I was thrilled with the three I ordered. I thought I would only wear them to synagogue, but they are nice for every day wear, too. They have replaced my other scarves--until I order more from!"

$ 7.95
Our promotion is also available on our SOLID silver threaded scarves!

Simple, versatile, and light-weight! This is a terrific starter or general-wear casual scarf. 100% cotton, extremely comfortable, and airy. This scarf is accented with silver threads that sparkle, and a pleasing Forget-Me-Not floral print. 1x1 meter square. Please note that these scarves are imperfect which means that occasionally you may find small imperfections or blemishes in the fabric.

Colors, from left to right:
Top row: purple, burgundy, sunkist, girlie pink, light pink, mauve, sand, cocoa
Bottom row: lemon, khaki, dark green, moss green, aqua, turquoise, black, charcoal gray

How to get your 4th free gift:

1. Have a pen and paper handy

2. Add three colors of this item to your cart.

3. Select a fourth color, but do not add it to your cart. Write down on paper the color code (the number in blue) of the 4th color that you want.

4. During the checkout process, list all the color codes of the free items owed to you in the 'comments' box or the 'special instructions box. If you have two or more codes, separate each code using spaces or commas.

5. That's it! We'll include those items in your shipping parcel!

Send a 'hint' to a hubby, parent or friend about this item!

Available colors below:
       Color         Quan  
Key Lime
light pink
dark green
girlie pink
moss green
charcoal gray
antique pink

Delivery:4-9 business days within USA
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