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Head Scarves > Square

Simple Cotton Scarves

Simple Cotton Scarves

Selected Customer Reviews...
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Reviewer: Tara from Maine/USA on 2009-05-28
"I found this to be a nice scarf, it has worked well for me. It is not an even square but it a nice durable fabric that doesn't slip off. I bought the lilac and I really like the color its a medium purple."

Reviewer: Rahel from Brooklyn, NY on 2009-05-10
"This is the worst scarf tichel i have ever come across EVER! and i wear them to cover my hair 100% of the time since i was married, this product is a JOKE, i feel like ive been robbed, cause i cant return it due to the high rate of return for the product, they should not even be selling this JUNK, i bought 2 of them one lavender and one canary. and they are both lopsided, they are not even square! how hard is it to cut a square in cotton fabric!?!?!?! when i fold it no matter what i do theres always a 5 inch overlap of excess material, and this is with both of them. to top it off the fabric is very stiff, and it makes it extremely hard to make it look neat, TZNIUS.COM YOU NEED TO RECALL THIS PRODUCT!!! "

Reviewer: Anonymous from Colorado on 2009-05-07
"These are great!! Thick enough to cover without an underscarf, too. "

Reviewer: Gila from New York, NY on 2007-04-23
"Both scarves that I ordered remain stiff and awkward to tie, even after 4-5 hand washings and 1 machine wash. They look stiff if I try to wear them, as well."

Reviewer: Anonymous from NC on 2007-02-25
"This is a great scarf for a great price. The colors are so bright and fun and the texture excellent. It stays in my hair better than any other scarf type cover I have tried."

Reviewer: Anonymous from Indiana on 2006-10-12
"a lovely scarf! i ordered a beautiful off-white scarf and am delighted by how sturdy and soft it is. it looks beautiful and really wears well with anything. thank you!"

Reviewer: Anonymous from florida on 2006-09-20
"this scarf is not exactly square so tying it neatly is a bit difficult. I purchased the pure white and was slightly disapointed that it wa off white in color. "

Reviewer: Anonymous from Seattle on 2006-09-01
"These scarves are lovely. I ordered several,and the colors are even more vibrant and beautiful than the photo shows. They are stiff with fabric finishing until washed. "

Reviewer: Heather from Arkansas
"Great scarf! It is soft, and lightweight & hangs just right! I need to order more!"

Reviewer: Mia from Ohio
"These scarves are very soft and easy to work with. I enjoy how big they are and how they gently blow in the wind. The sheerness I love, yet it still covers the hair."

Reviewer: Annalisa from California
"I have 3 of these scarves and I am constantly getting compliments! Having 5 children doesn't give me much time to do my hair so being able to put my hair up in a scarf lets me look nice with very little effort. Tha is so valuable to me! They're very easy to tie too! "

$ 9.95

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3. Select a third color, but do not add it to your cart. Write down on paper the color code (the number in blue) of the 3rd color that you want.

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This scarf is discounted because of a higher than normal customer returns on this product
This soft square scarf is easy-tying, easy-washing, stays in place well, and is extremely comfortable to wear. Supple, 100% polished cotton has a beautiful light sheen and will outlast much of your collection. This basic Tznius essential is the backbone of the modest woman's wardrobe - easy to match and everyday perfect. Approx. 1x1 Meter Square. Please note, this scarf often has imperfect edges. Available in 18 colors! Also note that our scarves may be a bit 'brittle' at first. You may want to gently hand wash it before the first use.

From left to right, colors on the top row are: Coffee, Carnelian, Cafe au Lait, Olive, Butter, Vanilla, Orange Sherbet, Canary, and Hunter Green. Colors on the bottom row are: Cranberry, Amethyst, Lilac, Raspberry, Slate, Cornflower Blue, Royal Blue, and Navy Blue. The color ruby is beautiful but not shown. It is simular to Cranberry, just a bit lighter.

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Available colors below:
       Color         Quan  
Orange Sherbet

Delivery:4-9 business days within USA
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