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Head Scarves > Square

silver threaded scarf with floral print

silver threaded scarf with floral print

Selected Customer Reviews...
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Reviewer: Devora from Phoenix, Arizona
"These are my favorite "every-day" scarves. My hair is very fine, but they are so lightweight that they stay in place. I ordered several and wear them all the time. Thanks for providing a great product at a great price."

Reviewer: Sharon from NY
"I have been wearing these scarves for three years. They are perfect for me because my hair is very straight, and every other scarf I have tried slips back. I never feel completely comfortable knowing that my hair is getting more and more exposed as the day goes by (and I hate constantly having to readjust!). But these scarves don't slip back and they are SO lightweight, sometimes I forget I have them on! I have actually reached up to my head in horror, thinking that I have left the house without a hair covering! I buy these by the dozen, and wear them especially in the summer because they are so light and let your head breathe."

This item is soldout.
$ 9.95
Just as beautiful and versatile as our original silver threaded scarf with fringes, except this scarf has a delicate floral pattern instead. Silver threads and fringed edges. 100% cotton

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This item is soldout.
Delivery:4-9 business days within USA
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