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Chiffon Rosebud Ribbon

Chiffon Rosebud Ribbon

Selected Customer Reviews...
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Reviewer: chana baila from Crown Heights/NY/USA on 2007-09-13
"These are gorgeous! they go so well in so many different styles, i like wearing them with a white cotton scarf and leaving them at the bottom as a tie."

Reviewer: chaya-bina from florida on 2007-03-28
"My best freind gave me one in orange and i love it i wore it too an important party and boy did i get alot of compliments on it, any way so when i got home i bought all the colors,i've almost got one for everyday of the week!! my freinds keep asking me where i got it and i just say tzniuscom.!!"

Reviewer: Nahomi from Mexico on 2006-11-29
" Shalom! My boyfriend gave me this one, as a gift one in lavander/purple one, very pretty, I can wear it on my head poiny tail, neck as a belt or on the hand, very versatil and cute, I really like it. "

$ 8.75
Fall in love with our beautiful chiffon flowers! Wear one on your neck, twist one in your hair, wrap one around your scarf or tie on around your waist. Rose can be twisted for a more 'open' or 'closed' look. Functional and romantic, these roses have an elastic band and can also be tied in place. Stylish and fun to wear! br>

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Available colors below:
       Color         Quan  
lime frost

Delivery:4-9 business days within USA
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