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Head Scarves > HeadBands

Long headbands - 25 colors!

Long headbands - 25 colors!

Selected Customer Reviews...
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Reviewer: Sarai from Wichita/KS/USA on 2012-05-21
"I ordered these long headbands because they loked cute and very comfortable, but I was disappointed that it wasn't long enough. It is comfortable but not long enough, these are great for little girls or pre-teens but not for adults. If you are looking for full coverage this is not for you. The service was great I ordered it on May 14 and received my packaged on May 19."

Reviewer: Sara from Midland, TX USA on 2010-05-09
"I am very pleased with the long headbands that I ordered. Shipping time was very short and everything was well-packaged. I especially love the material they are made from. Its nice and soft, but not soft enough to slip off my head. The headbands are also just the right size; not too tight nor too loose. I am a very satisfied customer. Thank you Tznius!!"

Reviewer: Stephanie from Texas on 2010-04-22
"I was skeptical so I ordered one to try it, and as soon as it got here I ordered several more- these are wonderful! Please stock more colors!"

Reviewer: Vicki from Montgomery, AL USA on 2010-03-13
"I wore the headband to Shabbot service for the first time this evening and had many of the ladies in the congregation ask me where I got it from. Will be giving them the web site next time I see them."

Reviewer: CHERYL from Alabama, USA on 2009-10-07
"I love these headbands. They are wide enough that they cover my head and hair when it is up in a bun. They are casual enough to wear everyday around the house or on errands. They are easy to put on and take off."

Reviewer: Monika from Germany on 2009-09-24
"I received my headbands yesterday and they are so beautiful! Bandanas do not fit as my head is too big or the bandanas are too small. Scarves sometimes look a bit old-fashioned, at least at me! These headbands fit perfectly, they do not look old-fashioned and are easy to handle. In Germany it looks a bit strange when a woman wears a hair-covering unless it is not a muslim hair-covering. But these headbands look so gorgeous that they can be worn even in this country."

Reviewer: melanie from salt lake city, ut on 2008-07-12
"I received my headbands today and they are so nice. Stay in place, great quality and pretty. I'm so excited. I will definetly by more!!!"

Reviewer: kellie from Wasilla, AK on 2008-02-16
"These are perfect hair coverings. They stay on nicely. They don't draw attention to you, "Hey look! I'm religious and wearing a HEADCOVERING because I AM MODEST!!!" They simply cover as much hair as you want them to and do their job, keeping you modest or covering up your hair between visits to the hair stylist. My teens don't mind wearing them to church and this is a big deal for me. Bravo, Tznius! "

Reviewer: Rachel from Chicago on 2008-02-03
"I wish I could have given 5 stars. Three of them are PERFECT and great for "first time" convering. However, do not order "16" (pink, red, black) if you are trying to get all your hair up/make a snood from this. It is not made out of the same material as the others and is significantly shorter."

Reviewer: Crystal from Michigan on 2007-12-29
"I got my order today and just finished trying them all on! They fit great and are very comfortable! I'm looking forward to wearing these! "

Reviewer: Barb from Irwin, PA on 2007-07-27
"I was looking for something to keep my little girls long hair from getting snaggy and full of rats. I only bought one of your long headbands to see what it would be like. Upon opening the package, my daughter placed it on her head and absolutely LOVES it! I will be ordering many more. I will be ordering some for myself, too! Thanks for such a great product!"

Reviewer: ASC from Canada on 2007-04-18
"I am planning on getting one of these awesome looking headbands. They look great. From the reviews i have seen, they look fantastic!"

Reviewer: Trina from Vass, Nc on 2007-02-06
"I really love these headbands! I wear one nearly every day."

Reviewer: Tammy from Katy, Texas on 2006-12-18
"We ordered these and the white also. I am new to covering and there are not any churches in the Houston area that cover. Wearing these are perfect for us, we are covered, there aren't pins falling out or poking our heads and they wash easily. Thanks again from Tammy in Katy"

Reviewer: Ruth from UK on 2006-11-22
"I would have liked to give more stars, but I bought 3 and 1 is much shorter than the other 2 and doesn't cover at the back, even with full fringe/ bangs showing at the front. That aside, I love the comfort, the ease & the colours though (I'm not old yet!!!)."

Reviewer: Anonymous from Grimshaw/Alberta/Canada on 2006-08-24
"It stays in place and is comfortable (not something I can say for most headbands) and my husband really likes it!"

Reviewer: Ursula from Buffalo, NY on 2006-04-16
"I have very dark hair, that gets hot in the sun. These headbands are soft and comfortable, and easily fit in a purse or pocket to be put on as needed. They also have very good "grip" to hold growing out bangs or layers out of your face. I have one in white, and one in black/grey/white stripes. "

Reviewer: Julie from Illinois
"I bought the red one and the white one for my daughter's 8th birthday. She really likes them. She's been trying to wear my headscarves, but couldn't because she can't tie them properly yet. She doesn't have to worry about tying these and they look very cute on her."

Reviewer: Jennifer from Houston, TX
"I purchase a few of these headbands for my first headcoverings. They are wonderfully soft and easy to wear. My husband loves the way they look- hey says it is really cute. He thought I was going to look "frumpy" when I started covering my hair- but he said he loves it!"

Reviewer: Lori from Atlanta, Georgia, USA
"I ordered a long headband in white. I just got it yesterday. It is AWESOME!! Thank you so much for such a great design. It is easy to put on and simple to wear. I love that I can wear it in different ways. When my husband first saw me in it, he smiled. He really likes it and he doesn't like most of my other headcoverings. I will be ordering many more in other colors. Thanks!"

Reviewer: Naomi from Teaneck, NJ
"My headbands just came. I LOVE them! I bought the turquoise/purple/white stripe, silver, and burberry. They are so easy to wear. I can just slip it on my head and go out the door. They are great to wear around my 14 month old who will pull everything off of my head. I am definately going to buy more."

Reviewer: Felicia from brisbane, queensland, australi
"I have this headband in red/pink/white, and it is so versatile. You can wear it in so many ways and it is so easy to put on. It can look just as good as a bandanna, but it is a bit easier because you don't have to tie it. I think these headbands are a great invention."

Reviewer: Jennifer from Minot, ND
"These are wonderful coverings! I bought three (black, white, and beige), and they all are great! The beige was a good surprise because it is a "nubby" texture that doesn't show in the photo. Very comfy; I will definitely buy more."

Reviewer: Suzanne from Seattle, WA USA
"These headbands are exactly what I was looking for! They stay on your head and look more substantial than a 2" headband, but aren't as dramatic as a scarf. Looks great with hair up or down. Perfect for woman who are just beginning to cover their heads! I have the black and will buy more colors. "

Reviewer: Deborah from Denver, CO, USA
"I have the navy with white stripes (number 11) and I like it a lot! I put it around my neck, then put my hair up in a bun, then slide the covering up until the front is about 2 inches back from my hairline, and the rest is hanging loosely down the back. Two bobby pins or small clips in front, and I'm good for the whole day. Several folks have told me that they liked how it looks, and I think it's pretty cute myself!"

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$ 5.95

Our Long Versatile Headbands are lightweight and much longer than traditional headbands. Click below to see three different ways of wearing this headband. They're especially good for children or young women looking for a light headcovering from the harsh summer sun. If you cover your hair with a scarf, this is a perfect way to add a splash of color - simply tie your head scarf once on your head, then put on our headband over the scarf! Voila! Your scarf will stay on tighter and you'll have a quick-n-go look that's easy and full of color. The headbands are made of either cotton or lightweight synthetic materials and an elastic band keeps it in place. With so many color options, you can mix and match the headbands with your headscarves to create hundreds of different looks. Just wear the headband by itself with the back tucked away - your hair will be covered in one easy step (tight snood recommended). See the second photo below as an example. Available in 25 colors.

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Available colors below:
This item is soldout.
Delivery:4-9 business days within USA
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