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Head Scarves > Square

Solid silver threaded

Solid silver threaded

Selected Customer Reviews...
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Reviewer: Laura from Ohio on 2011-08-25
"I'm sad because pretty much all the colors are gone :( "

Reviewer: Sarah from Midland, TX, USA on 2010-06-13
"Much thinner than I expected them to be, but I am still very pleased with them. They are light and flowy and can be worn for dressy or casual occasions. Also, the fringe really doesn't add anything to the scarf and can be a nuisance. Overall, great scarf! I have received several compliments already!! "

Reviewer: Meg from Connecticut, USA on 2010-05-31
"I was disappointed by how thin and fragile these scarves are. They really are like cheesecloth, and the lurex threads started coming out almost immediately. The fringe on the scarves was tied on and caused small holes all around the edges of the scarves. They don't seem to hold up very well to normal wear and tear, which is very disappointing. I loved the colors, and they looked beautiful, but they are so fragile and poorly made that I wouldn't recommend buying them."

Reviewer: CHERYL from Alabama, USA on 2009-10-07
"I have 3 of these scarves. The fabric is thin but lends itself well to being tied. I usually wear mine in the "bun" tie, but will also wear it in the "classic" tie. It looks beautiful both ways. The silver threads allow it to be dressed up, but it also looks nice with jeans or a denim skirt."

Reviewer: Anonymous from Colorado on 2009-05-07
"Just received these, and I was also very surprised at how thin they are considering how thick the other Tznius scarves are. The white one is almost like cheesecloth! These should be more like accent scarves - you'll definitely need to wear more than one. :)"

Reviewer: Sharon from Los Angeles, CA on 2009-03-13
"These scarves are beautiful and the shipping time was very short. However, I was surprised at how thin and fragile they are. Also, all along the edges, sometimes where the fringe is and sometimes not, there are pea sized holes. It makes me wonder how long they will hold up to tying and washing. I have not had them long enough to say if they will or not. I am new to headcovering, so maybe all scarves are this fragile?? Not sure..."

Reviewer: Y K from ohio on 2008-12-17
"I'm sure these scarves are very nice. However, I do not feel comfortable ordering one as I'm not sure how to tell which color is which. Please label the picture with the corresponding color so we can know exactly what we are ordering! For example, which is celery and which is plain green, etc. I will look forward to placing an order when this is done. Thanks! PS Great new expanded collection of clothing. "

Reviewer: Christi Detlofsen from Washington state on 2008-11-22
"I just received my order of these scarves and they are so beautiful! Even with wearing two at a time they are very light and comfortable to wear. Looking forward to ordering from this site again in the future."

Reviewer: Laura from Mechanicsburg, PA on 2008-08-24
"I recently wrote a review about this (right below this). I just wanted to thank Tznius for working out the replacement scarf after they heard about the imperfection that I had in my first scarf. Thanks again, Tznius!"

Reviewer: Laura from Mechanicsburg, PA on 2008-05-30
"These scarves are beautiful - and are very easy to wear. However, I did receive one scarve with a hole about the size of a dime. Unfortunately - this is a black scarf - which was going to be the most versatile scarf. Besides this - they are good scarves."

Reviewer: Anita Ann from Hemet, Ca on 2008-05-09
"I got three of these the other day in the mail. They are a great addition for a stand alone scarf or to double up."

Reviewer: kristinsdottir from Portland, Oregon on 2008-04-01
"Love these! Pretty, flexible, nice to have bit of sparkle now and then."

Reviewer: Meira from Queens, NY on 2008-03-10
"I ordered two of these, and the colors were even prettier than I expected. These scarves are also lightweight and easy. They are such great basics. Thank you. "

Reviewer: Aviva from Texas on 2008-02-05
"My mother is going to love this. I bought it for a present for her birthday. Looking forward to giving it to her."

Reviewer: Anne from Akron/OH/USA on 2007-11-12
"I absolutely love this scarf - it's perfect. Please keep these in stock!"

Reviewer: Angilla from Long Island, New York, USA on 2006-05-15
"First, shipping was FAST. Second, it's BEAUTIFUL. Third, it feels lightweight and comfortable but it ties well and isn't see-through. Fourth... well... I'm buying another one when I can afford it! LOL. =D"

Reviewer: Sarah from California, USA on 2006-05-04
"I can't say enough about this scarf. I ordered Turquoise, which is a bit darker than the picture makes it to be, but it is still really lovely. The sparkles brighten my wardrobe, and make me feel so special. The scarf itself is really lightweight, and breathable, which is great for this hot spring weather. Thanks for a lovely scarf--I look forward to ordering more of these soon!"

Reviewer: Libbie from UK on 2006-04-08
"Delightful scarves, I'm ordering more because I've been so thrilled with the quality. I have two and wear them together as well as separately and they just make me feel so special - and my husband loves them too, so feminine, he says!"

Reviewer: Crystal from Missouri
"I love this scarf. They are beautiful, and very soft."

Reviewer: Beth from Maryland
"I have many lovely scarves, but these remain my favorites. The gauzy material makes it easy to tie them securely in several different ways, and they can be dressed up or down. The silver threads add the perfect amount of sparkle to make any woman feel beautiful! When I wore the pink one, I received profuse compliments from my coworkers, even though I work in a secular environment. These scarves should be a wardrobe staple. "

Reviewer: Sylvia from Hillsdale, WY USA
"I personally have four of these scarves, and my daughter has several as well. Lightweight enough for summer, yet warm enough for winter. I frequently receive compliments from strangers on how pretty these scarves are!"

Reviewer: Mary from Texas
"This is such a beautiful scarf, and so lightweight and comfortable. I was a bit worried that the silver threads would make it seem too dressy for everyday wear, but not at all - they just add a little sparkle to your everyday clothing. I can't wait to get a couple more of these in different colors!"

Reviewer: Heather from Arkansas
"This is such a great scarf! It's very soft & hangs so beautifully. I just love the fringes. I was concerned the silver might be too much for my wardrobe, but it isn't. I have received several complements on it. I'll be ordering more!"

Reviewer: Azalais from San Francisco
"These scarves are just so cute. You can get them in colours to go with just about anything you own and they cover your head and hair really well. I like to tie them in the 'bun' style, or to use a thin silver accent scarf and make a braid."

$ 7.95
Our promotion is also available on our FLORAL silver threaded scarves!

Colors, from left to right:
Top row:white, off white, banana, soft yellow, sunkist, light brown, N/A, khaki
Second row:lilac, lavendar, light purple, fuchsia, cherry, burgundy, eggplant,purple
Bottom row:grey, steel blue, blue, navy,sea green, dark green, moss green, black
Available but not shown: pink

How to get your 4th free gift:

1. Have a pen and paper handy

2. Add three colors of this item to your cart.

3. Select a fourth color, but do not add it to your cart. Write down on paper the color code (the number in blue) of the 4th color that you want.

4. During the checkout process, list all the color codes of the free items owed to you in the 'comments' box or the 'special instructions box. If you have two or more codes, separate each code using spaces or commas.

5. That's it! We'll include those items in your shipping parcel!

100% Cotton
Measurements: 3 feet 2 inches squared
Note: The brown/chocolate scarf does not have fringes
Lightweight with silver threads. Slightly imperfect.

from left to right:
Top row

lime,olive,sea-green,seaweed,gray,blue,navy Bottom Row:

Send a 'hint' to a hubby, parent or friend about this item!

Available colors below:
       Color         Quan  
khaki green
moss green
key lime
steel blue

Delivery:4-9 business days within USA
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