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Head Scarves > Square

Gauzy solid colored cotton scarf

Gauzy solid colored cotton scarf

Selected Customer Reviews...
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Reviewer: Sarai from Wichita/KS/USA on 2012-05-21
"I was excited to get this scarf because it looks beautiful on the model, but mine had holes all on one side of the scarf. I got the true blue scarf and the color is beautiful but very disappointed that it had holes. It also appeared to have holes in the middle of the scarf that looked like someone tried to repatched it or sew over it. Loved the color, fabric and it's length but not it's quality! "

Reviewer: Meghann from Denton, TX on 2011-07-23
"I love these scarves! I was a bit surprised that the sides would not wrap around my entire head the way the model's does on the "how to" section. But it still works very well to twist and wrap the ends around each other over the head for the "medieval" look. Thank you for the beautiful coverings and the sale!"

Reviewer: Christina from Enfield, CT, United States on 2011-07-12
"I LOVE these scarves! I am new to headcovering and have been experimenting with different styles and sizes of scarves; I am truly in love with these! They are the perfect "weight" fabric and feel great on and stay put very well. I have four colors and will be looking for similar products from! "

Reviewer: Jennifer from upstate ny on 2007-11-29
"What a beautiful scarf! All the men in my family love it. It is the perfect length. I highly recommend this style. Thanks Tznius!"

Reviewer: Jessica from Brentwood, CA USA on 2007-06-08
"This is my favorite scarf! It really stays on for a long time without slipping at all. I hope you keep these scarves in stock. I especially like that they are made in Israel and 100% cotton."

Reviewer: Zoe from Terrell/TX/USA on 2006-03-21
"I love this! At first I was a little hesitant because I'm used to the Christian Amish-like headcoverings but once I got used to it I loved it. It's probably going to take place of my traditional caps because of the wonderful lightness and coverage. Thanks a bunch!"

Reviewer: Sarah from California, USA on 2006-03-10
"I have this scarf in royal purple. It's a really soft fabric in a pretty color, lighter than I would have expected but nonetheless beautiful. It stays on really well too. My only problem with it is that it seems too small to wear with my hair in a bun--but I have a lot of hair (past my waist), so I leave it down in a braid."

Reviewer: Megan from Baltimore, MD, USA
"These scarves are super light and stay put very well. The colors are exactly as they appear on the web site. Even though they are gauzy, they do not feel cheap or very easy to tear. I love mine and will order in more colors before next summer! Thanks, Tznius!"

Reviewer: Jennifer from Houston, TX
"I have this scarf in blue, and it is my new favorite scarf! It is so light weight that is is actually cooling to have all of my hair up in this scarf in our 100 degree heat. It is beautiful- I will buy a few more in other colors."

Reviewer: Misty from California
"This is a beautiful scarf, lightweight and so versatile! I have a black one and will order several more colors because it's goes so well with any wardrobe. Thanks Tznius!"

Reviewer: Paula from Independence, MO
"This is a wonderful basic scarf which serves well when modesty and simplicity is important. It is lightweight, and because of the gauze-like weave of the fabric it tends to stay on more easily than other scarves. "

Reviewer: Kat from Michigan/USA
"I have two of these scarves and they're so pretty and light and comfortable...not bulky at all. I was even complimented on one of them by someone at my school and asked where I got it."

$ 11.95

Buy any 3 Gauzy scarves at $9.95 get the 4th one free.
Our Gauzy scarf promotion and discount (they're normally $11.95 a piece!) will be ending soon. Limited Quantities. Get your favorite color while supplies last...This is the best.scarf.ever.
Our refreshing cotton scarves come in a beautiful selection of colors. The gauzy-like fabric is light on the head and keeps you cool and pretty. Simple, clean and lightweight. Made of 100% cotton. Please note that these wonderful scarves are slightly imperfect.

Colors shown
(from left to right):

Top row: gray,navy,dark gray,turquoise,magenta
Middle row:
beige,banana,khaki,true blue,hunter green
Bottom row:
hot pink, eggplant, black
Measurements: 1 x 1 meters

How to get your 4th free scarf:

1. Have a pen and paper handy

2. Add three colors of this item to your cart.

3. Select a fourth color, but do not add it to your cart. Write down on paper the color code (the number in blue) of the 4th color that you want.

4. During the checkout process, list all the color codes of the free items owed to you in the 'comments' box or the 'special instructions box. If you have two or more codes, separate each code using spaces or commas.

5. That's it! We'll include those items in your shipping parcel!

Send a 'hint' to a hubby, parent or friend about this item!

Available colors below:
       Color         Quan  

Delivery:4-9 business days within USA
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