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Women > Casual Tops

3/4 Cotton Sleeve shirts

3/4 Cotton Sleeve shirts

Selected Customer Reviews...
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Reviewer: Netanya from United States on 2007-12-27
"The neckline on these shirts was fine and completely covered my collarbone. However, the sleeves were too short and the shirt was also too short. (I'm somewhat tall, so I suspect those that are petite would not have the same complaint.) Like a another here, I also discovered that the shirts were not the same size, despite having the same size labels. The shirts are good for layering when you need a higher neckline."

Reviewer: brocha from denver co. on 2007-06-11
"whats your phonenumber? do you have any other coler shirts? if you dont when will you get them in? i need them for my kids for camp and they start real soon thanks bracha "

Reviewer: Michal from US on 2007-03-31
"I am very pleased with the wide range of colors in this garment, and I already have many of them. They are plain and comfortable, perfect for any skirt."

Reviewer: Anonymous from NYC on 2006-11-14
"3/4 is in outside the frum world as well. save your money- go to real stores and get these on clearance for under $10."

Reviewer: Goldie from melbourne/florida/america on 2006-11-05
"These tops are so comfortable and light! I can wear them with so many diferent skirts; I can't tell you how useful they have been, I even bought some for daughter, and she adores them! She's going to a camp soon and they will be very useful. These tops are so beautiful, I think I will buy some for my neices. Thank you so much, I think that this site is a gift for every pious woman out there."

Reviewer: Anonymous from Toronto on 2006-09-15
"Despite the description, it is difficult to think about buying a shirt sight unseen. The only picture shows FOLDED shirts with no indication of size and cut. There is such variation from one shirt to another that unless I can be sure it'll fit & be tzniusdik, I would rather shop in person. :-("

Reviewer: chana from brooklyn on 2006-06-09
"could someone please tell me if these shirts have a tight fit or loose fit"

Reviewer: Anonymous from Gainesville, FL on 2006-05-08
"what are the washing instructions for this tee? Can I throw it into the washer/dryer or is it lay flat or drip dry? "

Reviewer: Sarah from New York on 2006-03-18
"For those of you wondering about lengths and necklines, this shirt has a jewel neckline. More than likely it will cover your collarbones unless you are very petite. If you are tall, it may not keep you covered if you bend over or reach up (you may want to order a size up). I have two of these shirts and I have noticed that sizing is not consistent between the two shirts even though they are the same size and have been laundered the same way. I am tall, and one shirt keeps my elbows and midriff covered when I bend and reach, the other does not. I ended up using the smaller shirt as a layering piece."

Reviewer: Devorah from Brooklyn, New York
"I have not purchased your tee shirts yet because from the picture it looks like the neck is rather low. Does it cover the collar bone?"

Reviewer: Melanie from Arizona, usa
"Have not tried these, but they look like a great addition to my wardrobe...if I could see them on a model to know how high the neckline is, as it is very hot here and I would not want to have to wear another top under this for modesty. "

Reviewer: Robbie from Brooklin, ME 04616
"It's really a request, as I have not tried the product. I'd like to see how they fit on models, to know if they are form fitting or not, and if they would show any midriff if one bent over."

Reviewer: Felicia from Brisbane, Queensland, Australi
"I have this shirt in the colours of antique pink, white, coral and two in black and I love them so much. They fit perfectly and just go under so many other tops and with so many skirts and dresses. They are just invaluable really. I have never had any problem with bad seams or anything like that on these shirts. They are good quality."

Reviewer: Anonymous from AE
"Love these tops! Please restock the large."

Reviewer: Anonymous from England
"Please could you supply a higher neckline (ie according to Rabbi Falk) ?"

Reviewer: yael from amsterdam,NL
"Altough I do like to wear the shirts generally, I had to repair both of the ones I bought,since there was a (small, but very visible,at the shoulder)hole in one of them ; the other one had/has some bad seams. "

Reviewer: Sarah from New York
"This is an indispensible item for spring and summer. I was worried that the sleeves might not be long enough, as I am tall (5 ft 10 in or about 178 cm), but they are perfect. The fabric is a great weight and the shirt is well constructed. "

Reviewer: Elizabeth from Newton, MA
"This is without question the perfect top. It is comfortable and covers everything I want to cover without being dowdy. I wear it by itself in summer and under sweaters and jumpers in winter. Please don't stop offering this shirt!!!! "

Reviewer: Anonymous from Franklin, NC
"Just what I've been searching for. Modest style, soft fabric, just the right weight. Hope for more colors soon."

Reviewer: Felicia from brisbane, queensland, australi
"I totally agree with the comment above. This shirt fits so well and looks so elegant. I hope there are more colours avalable soon."

Reviewer: Anonymous from Wyoming
"A great example of the beauty of simplicity: the cut is just right, both modest and attractive, and the fabric seems substantial yet with a refined feel. Hope to see these in many more colors!"

This item is soldout.
$ 21.95

Cool off this summer with our 3/4 cotton T-shirts. Made of a soft cotton and available in large selection of pretty pastel colors. Also available in white, black and and navy. White and other light colors are not see-through and can be worn with confidence. Sizes small-extra large. Made with pride in Israel of 100% cotton.
Colors from left to right:
coral, peach, mint, lilac, torquoise, teal, bordeaux
S 4-6 M 8-10
L 12-14 XL 16-20

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Available colors below:
This item is soldout.
Delivery:4-9 business days within USA

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