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Women > Skirts

Diamond Camel Skirt

Diamond Camel Skirt

Selected Customer Reviews...
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Reviewer: DJ from Annapolis, MD on 2010-04-11
"I would have given this skirt five stars, as it is lovely and unique. However, the waist size is WAY too small for the size I ordered. I wear it unfastened and with the zipper opened all the way, with the fabric on each side of it folded in under the skirt. In addition, it is extremely warm and does not breath. I suppose it is a testimonial to the beauty of the skirt that I wear it frequently in spite of the above. the way with a sweater over it to cover"

Reviewer: Sara from Missouri
"I feel that this skirt is rather immodest for a site that praises itself for it's modesty. It is quite high slit and I feel it exposes much too much of my legs. I feel as if people are judging me as a promiscuous woman when I wear this skirt. Also for the price of 20 dollars you do not receive nearly enough material for it to be worth the price. Although I do love the hints of classic wear of latter days in the rodeo theme."

Reviewer: Mrs Shnider from Melbourne/Victoria/Australia on 2007-03-31
"This skirt is great for the mature age woman. The trimming at the bottom adds a beautiful touch to the skirt. It is modest and comfortable, and flatters any figure. Thank You!"

Reviewer: chani from melbourne/florida/usa on 2006-11-22
"I get alot of stuff from and never have i bought any thing that was in any way ugly why? because has all the eally inn skirts and they are so up to date with the fasion! but i was some what disapointed by this skirt sorry it is a bit distastful although i dont mean to ofend."

Reviewer: April from Utah
"I just received this skirt and I love it! The color is warm and it is flattering and modest. I am so thankful for a place to shop where you can show purchase items that say you can be modest and attractive. Thank-you so much and I am looking forward to buying more of your wonderful clothing."

Reviewer: Felicia from brisbane, queensland, australi
"I like this skirt very much. I have received several compliments whilst wearing this skirt. It is the Renee skirt. It goes well with tops other than just white blouses. It matches's romantic pleated floral blouses, and it also looks really great with a black 3/4 shirt and black boots."

$ 29.95
Our Diamond Skirt in camel with it's rich, chenille fabric is short enough to walk comfortably yet long enough to be modest even when you're sitting. Wear this skirt with your favorite white blouse or sweater. Flattering to the tummy, this skirt is fitted but not tight. Available in sizes 8-16. Please note that sizes 14-16 are longer in length than the smaller sizes.

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Available colors below:
       Color         Quan  
camel size 14

Delivery:4-9 business days within USA

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