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Dutch Crown

The Dutch Crown is similar to the traditional crown and can be worn with any rectangular scarf. If you're looking for a tie that adds a little height and body to your head, then the Dutch Crown is a good choice. Our model is wearing our rectangular Wheat Colored Striped Scarf.
Step 1:
Place the rectangular scarf evenly over your the middle of your head. Tie it once in the back. Both remaining ends should be of the same length.
Step 2:
Take the two ends and gently twist them. Now brimg them forward over the top of your head and tie them once.
Step 3:
With the two tails that you have now sticking over your head, tuck them over and under the band that you created in step 2. If the scarf is fringed you can carefully remove a few fringes at this step so that the gently fall and from your face.
Step 4:
Tuck any back hairs into the 'snood' that has formed in the back of your head.
Step 5:
This tie is a lot more secure than other scarf ties and is an elegant way to tie a scarf for very long functions; it is less likely to come 'undone'.


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