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The Classic Tie

Our model is wearing the Cotton-large Stripe scarf in Lilac

Step 1:
Fold your scarf in half so that it forms a triangle (not a rectangle)
Step 2:
Place the folded scarf over your head so that the corner (the one that forms a 90 degrees) is in the back of your head creating a tail and the two longer corners are hanging over the side of your head.
Step 3:
Tie the left corner and the right corner once behind your head at the base of the back of your neck. Make sure that the tail doesn't get caught in the tie. Pull the right and left corners tight so that the scarf won't slip or move on your head.
Step 4:

Take the right corner of the scarf hanging over your shoulder and pull it up over and around you temple (the top of you head, above your forehead). Do the same for the left side . So you should have your left hand wrapping one corner (the one hanging over your right shoulder) and the right hand wrapping the other corner (the one hanging over your left shoulder).
Step 5:
Try to tie the two ends together behind your head, at the base of your neck (where your hairline begins). If the two ends reach , make a small tie at the back of your head and make sure that the tail is hanging over the tie. The tie should be hidden.

If the ends are too short, tuck them instead securely into the edge of the scarf along the edge of your head.

Also, instead of simply tucking the ends into the edge, you may also alternatively tuck it over and under, over and under....until there is nothing left to tuck anymore. This will create a 'braided' look (photo above) that looks very medieval.


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