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$1.95 shipping - anywhere in the world sells modest clothing, and modest womens clothing, and jewish clothing, we love long skirts, and we like to wear head scarves on our head, tichels are comfortable, and snoods are even better and modest clothing from Israel. We sell modest clothing. What is modest? Modest Clothing and Jewish clothing is hard to find. That's why we created this site to sell modest clothing and frum clothing. We also offer shabbos robes. A beautiful shabbes robe is perfect for Friday night. Some people refer to frum clothes as frum modest clothing or to jewish clothing from Israel. Modest jewish clothing is now easier to buy over the internet. Have you ever looked for jewish clothes? christian clothing is ver similar to jewish clothing. Modest christian clothing is composed of head covers or hair coverings. if you're looking for head coverings, you came to the right place. because a head covering or headcoverings are hard to find. modest clothing can also be descirbed as tzniut clothing. tzniut is the correct pronunciation of tznius the definition is modest. long skirts are the best way to be modest. if you're wearing a long skirt or wearing jewish clothing like modest women should, you'll be more like a modest woman, or better yet, like a modest lady. We need more modest ladies! modest girls are younger than modest teen who need modest clothes. modest apparel is another way of saying modest dress or modest clothing. We don't have many modest links on this website. Our jewish clothing is beautiful and modest and made for women.

Spring 2005
Long Denim Skirts

Five long denim skirts for year-round wear!

View our long denim skirt collection!

Chiffon Rose Ribbon
$ 8.95

Flapper Hat
$ 13.95
Laredo fringed scarf
$ 17.95
Cool Long Headbands
Classic cotton bandannas
Flower Pins - barrett & pin in one

"Hello! I just got my order today and i would like to say that i am a very happy customer! I will definitely be ordering more items from you in the near future."
- Catskill, NY

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Almost Sold Out

Classic Purple Head Scarf

Scarf of many colors

Paper Mache Head Scarf

Regal Castillian Scarf

Be part of the modest clothing renaissance by giving others the opportunity to shop for themselves with confidence. Reviews are fun to write and amusing to read. Take a minute during your next coffee break and share your sentiments about your favorite purchases. Take an active role in the first and fastest growing modest clothing community on the web!

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Featured Item
17 New Spring Long Headbands
Our new collection of long headbands are perfect for children, young women and women that cover their hair:
  • Ideal for children or young women
  • No-fuss headband covers all of your hair
  • lightweight & comfortable
  • Can be worn over a scarf or by itself
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made of the finest cotton jersey
  • Mix & match headbands with headscarves for hundreds of different looks

Corduroy Caps with ties

Luxurious velvet snoods

The David Scarf

The Monet Scarf

Cotton Pink Poncho

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