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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

  • We try to keep our prices as low as possible. Due to return abuses, we have revised our Return Policy. We will provide you with a store credit, minus the cost of shipping the item to you, for returns submitted within 30 days of shipping date of order.
  • You must pay the cost of shipping the item back to us.
  • International exchanges must pay a $15.00 exchange fee to cover shipping costs.

  • Please note that all SALE items and Ayala Bar necklaces are not returnable.

    Need to Make a Return?

    If for whatever reason you would like to return your order, we will accept your return unconditionally if mailed within 14 days of receipt. In order to process your return and issue an exchange quickly as possible, we ask that you send us an email prior to mailing your return.

    There are no restocking fee or other penalties. Please be aware, our actual shipping cost is not the same as the $1.95 flat rate shipping fee and may be significantly more on large or international orders. If, for example, Sara ordered 5 items for a total of $75 plus $1.95 shipping, and it actually cost us $3.85 to ship her order, she would receive a store credit of $76.95 minus $3.85 for our actual shipping cost totaling a $73.10 actual credit.

    Partial Returns
    Partial returns are absolutely no problem. Please be sure to email us prior to mailing your return to speed processing your exchange. On partial returns, you will be charged for our shipping cost based on the percentage of the order that you return (ie. returning half the value of your order will incur a charge for 50% of our actual shipping cost). So, for example, if Sara ordered several items totaling $100, returned $40 worth of them, and it cost us $5 to ship the total order, she would receive a credit for $40 plus $1.95 minus 40% x $5 our actual shipping cost, totaling a credit of $39.95.

    If you do need to exchange or return an item please send us an e-mail to and we will send you specific instructions on how to return the item to us. Please note that any requests for returns and exchanges should be made within 14 days from receiving your order. We cannot refund your shipping charges unless we have made a shipping error.

    Please allow 30 days for your exchange, or credit to be completed.

    Once you have emailed us, please ship back your return or exchange to:

    Modest Clothing Returns
    807 Airport Access Road
    Traverse City, Michigan 49686

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