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Snoods > Hair Snood

Corduroy Caps with ties

Corduroy Caps with ties

Selected Customer Reviews...
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Reviewer: CHERYL from Alabama, USA on 2009-10-07
"I have ordered these for myself and my sister-in-law. I love the warm, corduroy fabric in the winter months. The fabric patterns are beautiful. I think they fit well and stay in place with a couple clippies just fine. The design is nice in that it is gathered with elastic at the nape of the neck and the side "tails" tie in the back to make for a snug fit."

Reviewer: Anonymous from USA on 2009-09-24
"This cap is a little bit akward to wear-- it isn't designed too well. I love the skirts, though-- too bad they are no longer available! I love the wrap-style skirts that tznius used to sell. Bring back the floral wrap skirts!"

Reviewer: Ann from Cimarron, KS, USA on 2008-11-07
"I LOVE it!!! I was too cheap to buy it until it went on sale so I didn't get my first choice of color/pattern, BUT I love it. I've worn every style covering known to man ;-) and I love this; it is cute, it fits over a 3' wrap of hair without puckering or gaping, it stays put. I like the tie in the back; doesn't get tangled in my hair & cute! The ear part took a little getting used to but once I stopped pulling on it, it sits very nicely. The ONLY thing I would recommend is, buy it when your fav. color/pattern is still available! ;-)"

Reviewer: Gigi from Brooklyn, NY on 2008-02-14
"I ordered three of these caps with ties. One in black, brown and one of navy floral styles. They are well made with a soft corduroy. But I did not like how they tied. You can't tell from the picture but they are not made like a pre-tied bandanna would be. There is a weird gap where your ear would be and I have to pull it down for it to fit normally and that makes it slide back. My head is also small and my hair short, so this should not be happening. It's just a bad design flaw. I kept one and gave the other two away, but had I known this I never would have ordered it."

Reviewer: Anne from Akron, OH USA on 2007-09-23
"My husband bought me the Heather snood as a gift. I love it, and it's really cute, but I have to admit it's sewn rather badly, and the seem is not straight, and it's in the middle of the back of my head. The elastic in the back is not completely sewn in either. I'd probably order this one again, but I do wish they were a bit better made."

Reviewer: gita from Brooklyn,ny on 2007-08-28
"These caps are very cute but the picture is misleading. In the back there are only two ties instead of the normal three. And in the front when you wear the cap there is a seperate flap on each side that is obvious and makes it look weird. I will just fold that part underneath so this is not a total loss. Very badly designed!"

Reviewer: Anonymous from Michigan on 2006-10-27
"This is beautiful and comfortable! HINT: I flip mine over my face so the right side is against my face. I use bendy hair clips to secure it on both sides, then flip it back over and then secure it in the back with the ties. This keeps it in place without the worries of it flying off and having to fix it constantly. It is a loose fitting cap. I would be thrilled to see it in lighter colors!"

Reviewer: Anonymous from PA
"If you ask me - these caps are just ugly!"

Reviewer: Anonymous from Sunnyvale/CA/USA
"I am surprised at how loose this cap fits. The fabric is nice but the cap needs to be redesigned."

Reviewer: Anonymous from AE
"I just received one of these caps. I think they look really nice in the picture and it has a few great reviews, however, it makes me feel like I just stepped out of "little house on the prairie". The ties are a bit wide and the part on the sides of the ears are quite flappy. "

Reviewer: Eastpointe from Eastpointe
"Just recieved the Anabel wrap and headcovering. I am SO pleased. I have something BEATIFUL to cover my head... I am new to covering as I recenlty converted to a faith which requires me to do cover. My husband who doesn't like me to cover actually complimented me on how beautiful I am in the outfit.. He also said he " doesn't mind" the covering so much as it is pretty. Thanks again. I will definatley be ordering more."

Reviewer: Elizabeth from PA USA
"These are so cute with the matching skirts, and so easy to wear. I only bought one skirt and one cap, but I'm going to get a couple more sets."

This item is soldout.
$ 12.95
Corduroy caps to perfectly coordinate with your corduroy skirt - Or buy one seperately and wear it with a denim skirt and your favorite white blouse. Easy to tie and fun to wear. Match the color names below with the matching corduroy skirts. Our model is wearing our corduroy 'Anabel' cap. These caps look great with anything denim. Click on the thumbnails below to see larger pictures of the fabric print. Please note, *This item is not returnable.*









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Available colors below:
This item is soldout.
Delivery:4-9 business days within USA
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