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Nine Last Minute Headscarf Purim Costumes

9 Last Minute Purim Headscarf Costumes

Maybe we're biased, but we think DIY (Do-It-Yourself) costumes are the best! Why spend money on a costume when you can create something original out of items you already own? Making the costume is half the fun. With this in mind, we put together a roundup of uncommon Purim costumes that are easy to throw together and which almost all utilize a headscarf!

1. Nesting Russian Dolls

The Russian word for wooden dolls is matryoshka or babushka. These stacking, ethnic doll sets are made of wood with decreasing size and made to look identical to one another. This classic Russian gift is traditionally designed with a young Russian woman in a native costume wearing a headscarf.

If you're blessed with a daughter or two (or three, or more!) and are looking for an easy coordinating costume for you and your little ones, this one is sure to turn heads. Don't forget to rouge your cheeks for a doll-like effect!

Suggested products: Garden of Eden scarf

2. Chiquita Banana Lady

"Miss Chiquita" was the tropical beauty representing the Chiquita Banana company back in the 1950s. Decades lady her image persists in our mind, as the upbeat, rhythmic, dancing beauty sashaying to a Latin beat whilst balancing a fruit basket on her head.

Copy this vivacious look by wearing a Crown tie. Next, secure a lightweight basket with twine through the crown of the scarf. Once secured, pile real or fake fruit and flowers to the basket. Accenture your look with a ruffled shirt and a billowy skirt. Add large hoop earrings and a coat of mascara for those fluttering eyelashes!

Suggested products: Classic Scarf, Silver threaded scarf

3. Rose the Riveter - "We Can Do It!"

Rose the Riveter is probably the greatest female icon of WW II . Her image was used as a propaganda poster in 1943 to inspire and boost worker morale and is still used today as a symbol of feminism and women's economic power.

This is a effortless, patriotic costume. Wear a blue-jean jumper, red bandana (add poking curlers!) along with a pair of military boots. Wedge a drill in a construction belt to complete the effect.

Suggested products: Bandana

4. Female Pirate

Hardy, har, har.... Pair a button down white shirt, black vest, belted skirt, knee high boots, low-tied headscarf and eye patch together for this swashbuckling look. Anything leather coordinates with this outfit.

Accessorize with a hand hook and sword!

Suggested products: Medallion head scarf

5., Wolf Costume

"What big EYES you have!" - We love this costume idea. Granted, it's not with a headscarf, but can a shower cap be classified as a glorified, resilient snood? In any event, this tragic DIY costume is simple to assemble. Wear a bathrobe, floral shower cap, wolf ears and shuffle through your Purim day in your pink bunny slippers.

6. Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy Onassis was known for her signature sunglasses and vibrant silk-tied scarves. She also wore a clean, polished look that included fitted jackets, trench coats or solid colored turtlenecks. Pair any of these with an A-line skirt and a strand of pearls for First-Lady elegance.

Suggested products: Satin Scarf

7. Biblical Prophetess

To recreate this simple, biblical costime, wear a solid covered scarf with a stretchy headband or fabric belt tied around the temple. A solid colored robe or cleverly tied sheet will make you divine (pun intended).

Suggested products: Classic Scarf

8. Princess Leia

Princess Leia is not your typical damsel-in-distress.

She proves in the Star-Wars trilogy that she can brandish a light saber just as easily as her other comrades.

You can cleverly recreate her iconic hair buns with a long rectangular scarf. Tie-up a white sheet into a makeshift dress and coordinate with a sparkly belt.

9. Fortune Teller/Gypsy

Grab your bohemian coordinates and throw them together with your favorite bangles, hoop earrings and long stranded necklaces. Our jingly medallion scarf adds a touch of spice to this eccentric Purim outfit. Alternatively, tie together mis-matched scarves on your head for vagrant look. A water balloon or goldfish bowl stuffed with shimmery confetti substitute as your crystal fortune ball.

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